Topiary Design

Jennifer Coburn has been crafting unique topiaries for over three decades for clients including many Disney locations, Legoland, Hotel Del Coronado, Wynn Resort, Stone Brewery, and many others. She specializes in bringing life into the figures she creates ranging from realistic and detailed horses to dynamic cartoon characters.

Coburn's OPERATIONAL capabilities allow for her to create both custom one-off masterpieces and high-volume works. Each topiary creation is meticulously hand-crafted to ensure the metal framework is PRECISLEY constructed and that the plant is in perfect health.


It's a small world

Coburn's iconic masterpieces of assorted animals bring enchantment to and serve as an integral attraction in Disneyland's most beloved ride, It's A Small World.

Monkey Business

Coburn's realistic and detailed series of monkeys is a truly fascinating creation that is sure to capture the attention of any passerby.


Architecual Adornment

Bringing life to the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, Coburn's topiary creation adds unparalled class and style to the luxury outdoor space.