Metal Sculpture Design

In addition to her topiary creations, Jennifer Coburn also masterfully creates metal sculptures. Experienced in modeling and design, welding, and heavy machinery, Coburn creates both unique one-off sculptures and high-volume works.


Steel Horse

Commissioned by Disney for park decoration, Coburn crafted three full-sized metal horse sculptures that regally tower into the tree tops.

Quail Trail

Famous for her quail topiaries, Coburn created this intricate sculpture of a mother quail and chicks jovially hopping along.

An Artistic Feeline

Created for the San Diego Humane Society, Coburn's cat sculpture warmly welcomed all visitors to the location and reaffirmed the organization's commitment to the well-being of animals.

Beer Garden

San Diego's world-class Stone Brewery's iconic logo comes to life with this high-volume merchandised collection of garden stakes.