ABOUT the artist

Jennifer Coburn’s topiary art and metal sculpture has brought smiles to faces of members of the global family for almost 30 years.

Her whimsical topiaries of Disney characters, from Mickey and Minnie Mouse to Dumbo, welcome visitors to Walt Disney Parks and Resorts in Hong Kong, Japan, and Shanghai. Her art can also be seen at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim and the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas. Residents from Jennifer’s own community north of San Diego admire her work at Legoland as well as signage she’s crafted for the local fire department or her new line of metal sculpture of cats and dogs on the walls of the neighborhood veterinarian. 

Like a force of nature, Jennifer’s art keeps evolving.

“I've broken through my limits of creating plant topiaries with a new line of metal topiary frameworks which can be used, as standalone art, or in combination with living plants,” she explained.

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"Day in the Life of a Topiary Artist" - A documentary produced on Jennifer Coburn:

The Magic of topiary

Topiaries are living works of art. Once completed by the artist, they continue to naturally evolve and develop in accordance with Mother Nature. The art of topiary dates back to Roman times when the most noble of gardens would be brought to life by galloping horses, trunk-swinging elephants, battling heroes and ruling gods. Through the evolution of the art, today topiary is used as a way to enchant places of wide gathering such as theme parks, zoos, commercial spaces, and more. 


In the News

Creating animals with plants

By Lillian Cox, San Diego Union-Tribune

"Coburn’s need as an artist to push the envelope, and her skill as a welder, in recent years has led to the development of a hybrid of topiary and metal sculpture that she describes as the natural evolution of her art..."


Forget the Cat Ladies, Meet the Plant Parents

By Amber Burton, Wall Street Journal

"Houseplants become little green friends to those who form bonds with their greenery; one man has nearly 300 plants and waters while his wife sleeps. ‘Don’t you think you have enough?"




“Jennifer’s workshop in Elfin Forest is quite a special place. Her creative vision, 3-D design capabilities and skills at welding and sculpting art forms on a variety of scale made her an invaluable talent and resource to help tell stories for Disney within the landscape. I enjoyed the laughter and risks that come with a creative and collaborative working relationship, as well as a friendship to this day.”

-Karen Hedges, Former Disney Director of Horticulture


“There is no other artist more passionate and energetic in her work than Jennifer Coburn. It shows in every magical piece she creates, from well known characters, to one of a kind creations. I have known Jennifer for over 20 years. First, as a mentor teaching me the art of topiary and second, as a client when I worked with her from the design phase to delivery of her incredible works of living art. The quality and care she puts in to every piece is priceless. In addition, the quality and care she puts in to each client relationship is just as priceless. Jennifer is a true inspiration that I highly recommend taking an artistic journey with. The end result will leave those that experience her art, tickled with happiness.”

-Rhonda W. Monica, Urban Forester & Chief Topiary Engineer of Themed Resort in Southern California